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Itsa Flavour Cards

Sold in Singles, Box Prices coming soon!!!

Now More New Flavours!

Itsa is the revolutionary new way to infuse your dry food products with flavour and aroma. Unlike some flavour products you may have tried, Itsa actually works.

Taste for your buds.

Choose your flavour, drop the card in your product, then wait for the flavour to take hold.

Some flavours are stronger than others. Peach is the mildest flavour, Cherry is Medium Strength, all others will be bold in flavour. Experiment with how long you keep it

Mint Chill

In the immortal words of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, “Man, that’s cold.” The mints are our most intense flavours, and Mint Chill is the granddaddy of them all. You’ll experience a strong cooling mint sensation every time.

Strong Strength

Mint Blueberry

The first thing you’ll notice is the cold minty blast, just like Mint Chill. Then a hint of bright blueberry will get your sweetness receptors firing, straight from your tongue to your frontal lobe. That’s the Mint Blueberry experience: Cool your mouth, blue your mind.

Strong Strength

Mint Raspberry

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