Grav Labs Small Blunt

These are being discontinued ūüôĀ As stock diminishes, all colours may not be available. ¬†

During this time we have taken away colour selection.  Please feel free to list a couple colours in the notes section if you have a preference.  If colour preference is important to you, please inquire before purchase regarding our stock levels.

Blue, Black, Green, Red, White. 


Colour options are for colour of text, not glass. Due to quick sales, and restocking times selecting ‚ÄúSurprise Me!‚ÄĚ as your colour option guarantees the fastest shipping time possible. ¬† We will select a special pipe just for you and send it right away!

Our glass blunts surpass others with the custom fittings and a modern design. They are made from heavy-walled tubing and work like a champ

Grav was founded in 2004  out of Austin, Texas with a single product, The Gravitron.

Design, manufacture, and distribute some of the most well known brands in the industry.

We make a promise with every product, that we’ll be here for the long run, and we’ll always service our retail partners and end users.

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